• Post the bushfires of 2019-20, parts of Kanangra and the Wild Dogs (including parts of the below walk) have experienced heavy regrowth of vegetation. bluemountains.heritagecentre@environment.nsw.gov.au, Blue Mountains Lithgow and Oberon Tourism website, Oberon Australia Visitor Information website, Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, Become a Parks Eco Pass licensed tour operator, Blue Mountains Heritage Centre and Blackheath office, 270 Govetts Leap Road, Blackheath NSW 2785. Here are a few photos of sections of the route. Your trip intentions will be emailed to your emergency contact. Keep this in mind when planning walks in these areas. Sarah at Kanangra Walls looking towards Mt Cloudmaker Thurat Spires View from Mt Stormbreaker Our route from the Kowmung, was via Roots Range to Gingra Range and then to Kanangra Walls where we had lunch in a sheltered cave on the eastern end of the main plateau. After breakfast we continue the walk. All in all, fantastic day and well worth the drive. Further east, in the Coxs River area, is the large Kanimbla granite batholith, implaced during the Carboniferous period. This out and back route begins and ends from the end of Kangara Walls Road, which is more suited to 4WD vehicles, especially after rain. Likewise there are numerous flat grassy areas between Mt Yellow Dog and Medlow Gap. My services as your experienced guide for the entire length of the 4 day trek. A pleasant 10 minute stroll along well-formed tracks leads to the first lookout which overlooks the gorges of Kanangra Creek and beyond to the high tops of Mt Cloudmaker and the Blue Mountains escarpment which presents a spectacular vista. Crossing two national parks, it takes in some of the best scenery of both, including excellent views from the high plateaux of Narrow Neck and Kanangra Walls. I did not realise how beautiful and rugged some parts of the Blue Mountains could be and we walked through the heart of it all. been. Are you planning a bushwalk, going somewhere remote or where the weather is extreme? Or continue on down a short set of steps to the lookout platform for an even better view. The cave at the end itself isnt as exciting as the dance floor cave you see on the way but it was the journey that did it for me on this one. Kanangra to Katoomba requires a long car shuffle. and everyone retired to their tents pretty early. Kanangra Walls - Seymour Top - Maxwell Top - Brennan Top - Kilpatrick Causeway - Crafts Wall - Mount Berry - Gabes Gap - Mount High and Mighty - Mount Stormbreaker - Rip, Rack - Roar & Rumble Knolls - Mount Cloudmaker - Dex Creek - Mount Moorilla Maroo - Mount Amarina - Kullieatha Peak - Mount Strongleg - Strongleg Ridge - Kanangra Creek - Coxs Participants: Tom Brennan, Jonathan Potts, Nicole Shepherd. From the Walls we followed the well-defined track across the plateau and down the pass which took us to Kilpatrick Causeway and past Craft Walls. I would highly recommend his walks and training to anyone and will be looking forward to the next adventure.". Every person and every hike is different, so customise your kit according to your needs.Download your free checklists here >>. Please enable javascript to access the full functionality of this site. The unfenced lookout is a 10 minute walk down a wheelchair-accessible track from the Kanangra Walls carpark. Another group we bumped into was ", "The K2K guided walk was fantastic! 6 km beyond the campsite is the Kanangra Walls carpark from whence the short, easy, wheelchair-friendly Lookout Walk departs. River flats on the Coxs River. Gabes Gap is the low point on the walk, the path through the gap is steep in both directions. Carlon's Farm. The man's car was found yesterday in the Kanangra Walls car park with his mobile phone and personal items inside. onto Jenolan Caves Rd from the Great Western Highway, the snow started Have only visited here once, but will certainly return, a few of these . I think you are a great guide, and I think the effort you go to is over and above what most stand-alone guides would think of providing. We will add a further half day at the . Enjoy the sunrise from Splendour Rock. After a break, continue on to Mt Stormbreaker. Nearby Kanangra Gorge is cut 600900 metres (2,0003,000ft) deep in rocks of the Lambie Group, and is one of Australia's deepest gorges. [5], The Blue Mountains National Park contains 46 species of mammals, including 27 marsupials and two monotremes. couldn't raise my arm above my head. Plateau Walk turns off before the main lookout and leads into the Kanangra Wilderness and onto the expansive heath-covered Kanangra Tops Plateau. This walk is excellent for bird watching and wildlife spotting. Rumble. Most saddles between Mt Berry and Mt Strongleg offer a flat grassy area. Keep your eyes peeled for echidnas and lyrebirds, particularly during summer. There are also intrusive igneous rocks from the Carboniferous period. Then we meandered along the Kilpatrick Causeway to Crafts Wall, We reached Roots Ridge just after lunch and we knew that the end was in sight, only another couple of hours to go. The hike should take around 3-4 days to complete. crack. We decided to get an early 7.30 a.m. start on Monday because we had a long day ahead on the Gingra Range which was mostly up-hill. Our first port of call was Kanangra Walls Lookout, which offers majestic views of the steep gorge country in this part of the world. A useful book with some ideas for extended walks in NSW. Shuttle by car from your Katoomba accommodation to the start of the walk. It's a site filled with tips and advice to help you get out in nature and return safely. Ideal fitness preparation would be similar activities to what we'll actually be doing on this walk, namely bushwalking with a backpack and climbing up and down long hills. Some suggestions for alternatives are given. Fill in a trip intention form to send important details about your adventure to your emergency contact. The word Kanangra is generally held to be a corruption of Gundangura and was called Thurat for some time. slippery bottom of a cold river in the fastest time possible. The river should only be about knee deep at this point. You can find out more about how DPE handles the personal information it collects online by reading our privacy policy. These have been selected to promote the spectacular natural beauty of the route as well as to highlight the challenges you may encounter on the way. ", "The trip was great - I have never hiked this part of the Blue Mountains and it proved spectacular! The other car you will need to get to Kanangra Walls. thought was an early hour, only to find it full already. I wonder whether the NPWS takes an interest In a few places the path is very faint and you need to push your way through dense and stiff vegetation to finally reach our second night's campsite at Dex Creek. It climbs steadily to the fire tower at Bushwalkers Hill and then descends to the narrow point of the Neck. Maps: Gangerang (Dunphy) Kanangra 8930-3S. The track heads WNW and then north to Mt Amarina, but it is worth climbing Mt Moorilla Maloo if you have time. Other well-known landmarks are Mount Cloudmaker and the Thurat Spires. These radiate down off Gingra Range which is accessed from Kanangra Walls. The walk became abit of a forced march to the cars and the promise of some dry clothes. Highlights include: The second lookout overlooks rugged ravines at the head of the gorges and Kanangra Falls. This is where we will make our final camp. We camped on the Friday night at Boyd Crossing Campground, after Directly across from our campsite is the base of the long spur up Mt Strongleg. The park was established in 1969. Closed Christmas Day. My expeditions are always held in a spirit of friendship and respect between all participants. Time:5 hrs Distance:16 km Fitness:M Skill:H Ascent:500 m, A challenging walk visiting two of the climbing passes of Narrow Neck, Time:2 days Distance:36 km Fitness:MH Skill:EM Ascent:890 m, A long but fairly straightforward walk out to the junction of the wild Kowmung River with Gingra Creek, Time:6 hrs Distance:10 km Fitness:EM Skill:MH Ascent:490 m, An excellent walk along two of the shale ledge passes of Narrow Neck, with great views on a clear day, Time:2 days Distance:24 km Fitness:EM Skill:M Ascent:640 m, A walk with lots of variety, visiting a famous lookout and home of the Bushwalkers War Memorial, Time:8 hrs Distance:16 km Fitness:MH Skill:M Ascent:1080 m, An excellent walk visiting two spectacular lookouts in the Wild Dog Mountains, Time:6 hrs Distance:15 km Fitness:M Skill:EM Ascent:640 m, A solid walk to the highest of the peaks in the Wild Dogs, with great views, Time:2 days Distance:24 km Fitness:MH Skill:MH Ascent:840 m, A challenging walk to this excellent campsite on the picturesque Kowmung River, Time:4 hrs Distance:7 km Fitness:EM Skill:E Ascent:290 m, One of the best and most popular walks in the Blue Mountains, with a great variety of scenery and spectacular views, Time:2 days Distance:22 km Fitness:EM Skill:EM Ascent:850 m, The shortest walk from Kanangra Walls to the scenic Kowmung River, with an excellent campsite below the towering Orange Bluff, Time:2 days Distance:30 km Fitness:MH Skill:M Ascent:850 m. A harder walk in the upper reaches of the beautiful lower Kowmung River. points along the way, for the most part it followed the ridge line, The plateau is traversed by the Kanangra Walls Road and can be accessed either from Oberon or Jenolan Caves. This is a steep climb to start with but eases off, passing through pleasant open forest. This is a true wilderness experience that will take you into some of the most spectacular wilderness of NSW. From here it is a long descent to the Coxs River. Take in the magnificent scenery the sheer sandstone cliff faces of Kanangra Walls or mist-wreathed Mount Cloudmaker before walking down forest-lined trails to one of the parks waterfalls. Ashley puts a lot of effort into the organisation of the trip and provides very professional information both prior and during the hike. This area is unforgiving and there's not water on route to Mt Cloudmaker. Mt Cloudmaker is the highest in the Gangerang Range. Actually I joined two clubs, The Bush Club and Sydney Bushwalkers (SBW), as I couldnt decidebetween them! On Day 2 we will do a relaxed day walk over Ti Willa Plateau to 1000 Man Cave. putting off the 400m climb down for as long as possible. The Boyd Plateau comprises a dome of Devonian granite intruded into Devonian quartzites and sedimentaries. Strongleg. Steep, tight rockclimbing/bouldering section which seems dangerous & impossible when viewed from the top. Kanangra Walls to Crafts Wall Cave Hard 4 (30) Kanangra-Boyd National Park Photos (102) Directions Print/PDF map Length 5.4 miElevation gain 1,233 ftRoute type Out & back Check out this 5.4-mile out-and-back trail near Kanangra, New South Wales. He ended up with 11 other people that wanted to do the walk, many of whom were first time walkers. .gb-container-d6e79c73{margin-top:20px;}.gb-container-d6e79c73 > .gb-inside-container{max-width:1390px;margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;}.gb-grid-wrapper > .gb-grid-column-d6e79c73 > .gb-container{display:flex;flex-direction:column;height:100%;}. Mt Debert, with Mt Mouin and Mt Warrigal in the background, from Clear Hill. It offers unparalleled views across one of Australias most spectacular landscapes; Greater Blue Mountains Area World Heritage Property. The campsite here is rather small and only offers limited views. the side of the ridge. We got to the top and walked about 2km when we came across pink markers, little did we realised they go to cottage rock. There are plenty of good campsites along the way. The view from the Walls was impressive with fog in the valleys and everyone was having fun and enjoying the views. You may take significantly longer, and may in fact need to turn back if the scrub gets too tough to push through. But 'screw that' we thought. All prospective clients agree to combine Days 2 and 3 into one, making it a 3 day trip. arrived. No other people in sight! Sign up to a newsletter filled with hiking hacks, ideas and inspiration. The cost of this is included in the fee for the trip. It was a bit of a slow process, and not a great deal of fun. again numb on the other side. Once on the ridge above Dex Creek, we tried By submitting this form, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information in accordance with this policy. There were plenty of great views of the sandstone cliffs You can find out more about how DPE handles the personal information it collects online by reading our privacy policy. So I wasn't sure that a three day We did the 3 day option which i think suits someone who likes a physical challenge, the 4 day option would be good for some physical down time and allow more opportunity to stop and take it all in. There is substantial loss and gain of elevation on the walk which means there are long descents and ascents. Below I share some of the feedback that they have kindly provided from past K2K trips and agreed to have published on this website. The bush slog, but I hummed to myself the whole way up and the time passed quickly. For a while it was like a winter wonderland, but we soon worn path at the bottom leading in the right direction. Cloudmaker and Guouogang are eroded remnants of Ordovician quartzite. Easy track for people of moderate fitness levels. . in things like that. Still it was nice to finally see the car park at Not to be copied, duplicated or used for any purpose without permission. We got there first, but by the time we started collecting a meagre supply Cloudmaker; Nattai National Park. three hour round trip to Kanangra to pick up the other car. It is possible to walk continuously from this walk to Katoomba and Narrow Neck. ended up at the Kowmung River! There are several well known landmarks in the park, such as Mount Cloudmaker, Kanangra Walls and the Thurat Spires. Expect long knee crushing descents and seemingly endless quad screaming climbs, especially on Day 3! This lookout point is unfenced so that visitors can enjoy unparalleled views of the country's remarkable . -33.988355 150.108817 . Fortunately an alternative descent route called Duncan's Pass is nearby, and this route is available for anyone not wishing to descend on the metal spikes. There are several well known landmarks in the park, such as Mount Cloudmaker, Kanangra Walls and the Thurat Spires. An easy day trip from the Blue Mountains, Kanangra-Boyd also has quiet campsites among the snow gums at Boyd River if you want to get away from it all. Web page created 28 Apr 2018, last updated 21 Dec 2021. Stay safe by planning your trip for all conditions and telling someone about it. Hug the wall to the right and zigzag the way down. Great trail with incredible views from the plateau. [4] The Abercrombie River National Park is situated a short distance, further southwest. Mt Cloudmaker is the highest in the Gangerang Range. From this latter lookout the Waterfall Walk takes you down into a gully to Kalang Falls. K2K in a day: Kanangra Walls - Mt Cloudmaker - Mt Strongleg - Coxs River - Yellow Pup Ridge - Medlow Gap - Narrowneck: Rachel Grindlay, Alex Allchin [L], Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Adrian Doyle, Naveen [SBW] My photos : Blue Mountains NP, Kanangra-Boyd NP: Bushwalking: 27/08/2017: 1: Pierces Pass - Grose River - Blue Gum Forest - return searching we found a passable but somewhat tricky route climbing down a small minaret for a spectacular shot across the Kanangra Creek gorge. However, unfortunately was making visibility poor and when we finally broke out From Mobbs Swamp, head north on the track, which swings around to the east as you pass Blue Dog Ridge. The walking trail is rough and faint in places. adding layer after layer of clothing as we cooled down, the wind picked For details on how to get to Kanangra Walls, see the information in the Kanangra Walls region, to the right. Forests of mountain ash are found on well drained soils and Blaxland's stringybark where soil is poor. For directions, safety and practical information, see visitor info. The international standard emergency number is 112, if you dial this number in Australia you will be treated exactly the same as a 000 call.

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