• We make a concerted effort to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the construction industry. Not only those in our trade but across all trades. Providing wireless tablets to our field employees, upgrading our tools on a regular basis to newer more efficient models, upgrading our server in the office or the software we use these are just a few of the things Feddon Mechanical does to stay competitive in todays construction industry.

  • Innovation in the Office

    Feddon Mechanical actively upgrades our software and hardware to continue to meet the ever-evolving construction industry standards. In the estimating department we use digital on-screen take-off that allows us to stream line the estimating process as well as provide us with the tools to quickly make changes and do drawing overlays to look for changes when revisions to the project are issued. Our estimating software integrates with our project management software allowing for a seamless transition when we are awarded a project. Our project management team also utilizes cloud-based systems to allow access to project data from multiple locations, and real time updates as they are received from the office to our crews on the project.

  • Innovation in the Field

    Feddon Mechanical is just as active when pursuing the latest innovations in the field to provide quality complete systems in a cost-effective manner. Our employees are trained and supplied with the latest pipe joining, crimping and fusing technologies. Feddon Mechanical will work with the representatives for the new technologies and engineers to see if they are suitable for use on all projects if they are not all ready included in the project specifications.